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Are sleepless nights leaving you drained and seeking a solution for your child's sleep challenges? Look no further!

As a sleep consultant, I understand the challenges parents face when dealing with their children's sleep problems. My own experience with my first baby's sleep struggles led me to seek help from a sleep consulting program, which significantly increased my emotional energy to bond with my child and regain functionality in my day to day life. Now I am committed to empowering other mothers, enhancing their emotional health, deepening their connection with their babies, and helping them gain more precious time and rest. Together, we can create a harmonious and well-rested environment for both parents and children, fostering a more fulfilling parenthood journey.

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Ages 0-3 Months

8-10 Week Sleep Plan & Support

Newborn Package $449



Ages 2-8 Years

3-4 Week Sleep Plan & Support

Toddler Package$399

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Ages 3 Months to 2 Years

2-3 Week Sleep Plan & Support

Infant Package $349


Custom Sleep Plan Success!

My first baby was a star sleeper. When it came to my second, I thought I knew everything. Being a big believer in the natural process of breastfeeding, I soon found myself with an eight month old who was still nursing to sleep for every nap and night, but not actually falling asleep! I was one tired mommy, feeling pretty dumb for thinking I had everything worked out. Chana developed a sleep plan for me that worked well with my maternal instincts. She was super supportive and never made me feel bad for struggling with following the plan or if I needed reminding/clarification throughout the process. It took a lot of hard work but today my little boy goes to sleep beautifully and independently. Thank you Chana!!

—Malky, 8 Month Old

I am beyond grateful for the incredible transformation my baby has experienced using Chana’s sleep consulting services. My twelve-month-old, who used to resist sleep until the late hours and could only settle in my bed, now falls asleep independently in his crib at 7 pm. Your guidance not only brought about peaceful nights but also improved my baby's overall well-being. Thank you for giving us the gift of restful sleep and a happier, well-rested family!

—Tamar, 12 month Old

Chana Goldenberg

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